This is a story of a king who used to steal chicken when he was a child…
And now has a castle, horses and a Porsche …

© AZU | 2020

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 Where gods clash and heroes rise. This series delves into the captivating realm of mythology, capturing the power and drama of Greek, Norse, and Egyptian legends in a stunning visual exploration.

© AZU | 2022

Ichor De | con | struction

In Greek mythology, ichor is the ethereal fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals…

Ichor De | con | struction invites self-reflection and reconciliation with the world(s) that are shattering – inside and around us – into little bits of memories of a present past … into a moment that can never be captured. Ichor contemplates on how time slips away – through our hands, like sand between our fingers, and challenges us to live before the last grain falls.

© AZU | 2017

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Masques & Shadows: A Poetry Theatre Play

In a world veiled by deception, two souls yearn for a connection as elusive as the truth itself.

Masques & Shadows is a captivating poetry theatre play that explores the forbidden love story of Truth and The Individual. Yearning for connection in a society shrouded in secrets and illusions, they find themselves drawn together despite an invisible barrier that forever keeps them apart.

Through a tapestry of evocative verse and powerful theatricality, the play delves into the universal longing for authenticity and the crushing weight of societal expectations. Will Truth and The Individual find a way to bridge the chasm that separates them, or are they destined to forever dance in the shadows of unfulfilled desire?


© AZU | 2009